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Frequently Asked Questions

What does refurbished mean?

  • Many people always think that refurbished products are just someone else’s used or completely damaged product with just few parts replaced. Well it’s not the case here at Kplan
  • We acquire off service telecom equipment from liquidators or customers who upgrade their existing equipment with new ones
  • Everything is tested before clean up refurbishment and repair.
  • Trained technicians will repair them as needed. Anything that can’t be repaired will be used as components.
  • Then every piece of equipment will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • All plastic will be replaced with new ones if possible, if not, then it will be vigorously cleaned, buffed and repainted so it will look good as new.
  • After refurbishment, the equipment is back to the testing area where it is being tested over and over again and sometimes up to 48 hours to make units burn in.
  • Then the equipment will be prepared professionally and be packaged for resale.


Could it compete with new equipment?

  • People sometimes ask if refurbished is good as new? The answer to that is absolutely yes! It is sometimes even better then new ones because they undergo vigorous tests and inspections.
  • In these tough economic times, buying a new phone system can be hard. Buying a refurbished equipment, can work and look good as new and plus it can fit your budget as well. You can save 30-65% by buying refurbished product.
  • Not only do you get a low price product, but also a one year warranty with advance replacement.
  • If your phone system is simply having maintenance problems or some other kind of problems, you could try replacing the damaged parts with refurbished parts, instead of buying an entirely new phone system.
  • Recycling of telecom equipment will keep the earth greener.


Why choose Kplan Telecom Company?

  • The company has been around for many years and it will still be around tomorrow.
  • Extensive warranty on refurbished equipment with advance replacement
  • Extensive inventory for dependability to be able to accommodate the advance replacement.
  • Experienced, helpful and knowledgeable stuff
  • Our goal is to offer customers the best quality products with low price and we are always there until the customer is satisfied.




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