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DS 2000


System Description

NEC’s legendary reliability and quality standards are evident in the innovative DS1000/2000 32-bit architecture. This new concept features Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, on-board flash memory and field software upgradeability that means you can grow the system as you grow your business – while keeping your initial installation investment in common equipment intact

Common Control Equipment

Part #
8000 4 Slot KSU
8001 8 Slot KSU
8005B DS2000 Power Supply
80892 Installation Cable
80025B Central Processing Unit

Station Cards

80021A 16DSTU 16 Port Digital Station PCB
80042 16ASTU 16 Port Analog Station PCB
80040B 4ASTU 4 Port Analog Station PCB

Trunk Cards

80010B 4ATRU 4 Port Analog Trunk PCB (loop start )
80011B 8ATRU 8 Port Analog Trunk PCB (loop start)
80061 T1 Trunk PCB 24 Channel T1 PCB

Station Cards

80673 34 Button Super Display Phone
80633 34 Button Display Phone
80570 22 Button Phone
80573 22 Button Display Phone
80579 Wall Mount Kit



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