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NEC Electra Mark II


System Description

The Electra Mark II Digital Telephone System is a versatile, High performance, microprocessor based, stored program controlled, fully digital telephone system that provides numerous Voice and data capabilities for
handling both inter- and intra-office as well as outside traffic.

Common Control Cards

ESE 32B -1 32 port base KSU without power
ESE 32E – 1 32 port expansion KSU without power
PSE AD- 1 power supply for KSU
RSG – E Ring signal generator for analog phones
CPU EC4 – Central processor
TSW – E Time division card

Station Cards

ESI – EA 4 port digital station card
SLI – EB 4 port analog card with message waiting lamp
VMI – E Voice mail integration card

Trunk Cards

COI – E 4 port central office card
COI – E 2 4 port central office card with fuses


ETE 16D – 2 16 button display phone
ETE 16 – 2 16 button non display phone
ETE 6D – 2 6 button display phone
ETE 6 -2 6 button non display phone



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